Okie Shooters Inc.

1420 Evergreen Circle

Midwest City, OK 73110

(405) 733-7822


Okie Shooters Inc. is a private, membership only, bench rest rifle range located approximately four miles north of Luther, OK. The range consists a covered firing line with target berms at 100 and 200 yards and a informal pistol range on 20 acres of land.

Membership Requirements

Citizen of the United States.

No felony convictions.

Current member of the National Rifle Association.

Referred by a current member of Okie Shooters.

Have a valid email address with a working printer.

Membership Application may be requested by email.

Membership Rates

Annual Membership Period is September 1 to August 31



Senior (65 or older as of September 1)


Junior & Spouse

Annual Stock Purchase





Annual Range Dues





Annual Total





Annual Membership Renewal by PayPal

PayPal account not required. May use credit card.

(September 1 to August 31, Gate lock changed October 1.)

Select membership type to renew and enter the member's name and NRA number. Click on "Add to Cart."

You may enter additional membership types, names and NRA numbers to renew by clicking on "Continue Shopping" which will return you to this page for further entry.

When you are finished entering, click on "View Cart" and follow the instructions to check out.

Each renewal rate has had the PayPal processing fee added to it. If you do not care to pay this fee, mail your check directly to the club, payable to Okie Shooters.